Still chasing "Yang Mi the same style"? These western "Korean" styles are more suitable for you

2022-12-05 06:01

Girls' Generation Wearing Christmas Headdresses Acting Like A Coquettish And Cute

Looking at the girls who blindly chased the "same style", the editor really couldn't see it. Constantly chasing, in the end, it can only be imitated, imitated, and imitated again. When can we surpass? Look at other Korean girls. They dress simple, neat, and foreign. They don't chase "the same style". Isn't it still good-looking? I say, do not chase the so-called fast with the money, and people learn Korean sister outfit skill that is a positive thing.

Christmas headdress is playful and cute

Why do Korean girls always feel foreign? Because they are delicate and exquisitely decorated, look at this headwear and bag pendant , which one is not cute~

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