Supermodel Coco Rocha gave birth to two fetus female doubles, another supermodel is just around the corner

2022-10-10 06:01

At the beginning of December 2017, CocoRocha announced on the social network that it would welcome a second child. In 2010, Coco and interior designer boyfriend James Conran happily married; in March 2015, Coco Rocha gave birth to their first child, daughter Ioni James Conran. Five days after birth, Coco created an ins account for her daughter, and the expressive little girl poses the same as her mother in front of the camera.

Coco Rocha, the supermodel trendy mom has a uniquely perfect figure and fair and flawless skin, and Ioni, who inherited the excellent genes of his parents, is also cute and has a lot of expressions. When wearing clothes that are similar to her mother's style, she looks like a Mini super mold! Now let’s take a look at the perfect maternity dress of supermodel Coco Rocha and daughter Ioni.

Like mother like daugther, she has received her mother’s fashion education since she was young. I believe that when I grow up, Ioni will definitely become a rising star in the modeling industry!

Sure enough, on the runway of the 2018 Spring/Summer Paris Haute Couture Week in January this year, Coco Rocha , who was pregnant at the time, appeared on the runway of the JeanPaulGaultier brand show. Not only that, she also took her daughter Ioni on stage. Little Ioni put on a fake headgear with a cute and cute face, which made people see the corners of the mouth that could not be controlled by "Jiji".

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