The Belle’s wife who just passed 160 wore a long skirt and was "ridiculed by the crowd"

2022-08-29 06:01

It's not the first time that Beisao has been "pitted" by a long skirt!

Although no one would question Victoria’s taste, I have to admit that her height does sometimes limit her performance on certain items, such as this white long skirt and the inexplicable low-waist design that makes Victoria lose her past. Super aura:

However, this miss in the maxi skirt is not her first time. When traveling in France before, she stepped on the same "thunder" in a white shirt + black dress:

As soon as she wears a low waist, it seems that Victoria’s aura is really "weak" a lot in an instant...

Victoria, who is just over 160 (the official net height is 163CM), does not seem to fit in with the maxi skirt? In fact, girls who do not reach 170 may not really be unable to wear it.

Don't want to be dragged down by long skirts, long skirts should be chosen like this!

Since you don't want to be dragged down by the beautiful and aura of the long skirt because of your height, you have to choose the one that suits you first.

· No matter how long the skirt is, the ankles must be exposed

Although it is a super long skirt, for girls who are under 170 in height, there must be a limit to "super long": bare ankles. When Victoria changed into a maxi skirt that could show her ankles, her aura obviously recovered and her proportions became better.

The ankle should be regarded as the thinnest part of the whole body, so if you usually wear clothes to expose your ankle as much as possible, it will also help you look thinner visually. The body of the maxi skirt is very large, so it is more necessary to reduce the visual burden by showing the ankles.

Make sure that at least an ankle length of about 3-5cm is exposed outside the skirt. This is the "limit" of the long skirt you want to choose.

· Skirt colors should not exceed 3 colors as much as possible

Just like the size of the maxi skirt mentioned earlier, if the color is too complicated and the color is too heavy, it will also cause a visual burden, which will lower the overall center of gravity. Even the tall sister Zhiling can't hold it. It is better to have a light color:

From a practical point of view, the best long skirts we choose are pure and brighter, which not only reduces the difficulty of matching, but also improves the actual wear of the single product.

Victoria wears bright colored long skirts, and the effect is far better than the black style at the beginning of the article.

Even if you choose a color style, it is best not to have more than 3 colors on the skirt. Maintaining a certain main tone and base color is one of the ways to show high.

· The waistline of the skirt should be as high as possible

An old-fashioned point: Wherever the waistline is, the leg length begins. The reason why Victoria was "pitted" twice by the long skirt was the waistline. Look at the position of the red line almost in the middle of the entire screen, the standard "fifty-five points":

If you wear a long skirt, it is best to try the actual waistline position of the skirt first. The style that can be stuck on the belly button or higher (which can cover the belly button) is the style you should buy.

The short CROP-TOP is one of the "external forces" that can be borrowed to help you improve the waistline position.

Another method is to add a belt or tie a knot to the bottom of the shirt to artificially create the effect of shifting the center of gravity.

Don't want to be dragged down by the long skirt, wear it like this!

In addition to the skirt itself, the items that match the long skirt sometimes affect the overall wearing effect. I wonder if you have paid attention to the following details?

· Tops should be as slim as possible

Tightening and loosening are the real high skills, so when wearing a long skirt, the top should not be loose, otherwise the whole person will really "break down". Would you find it beautiful like this "June 4th Open"?

Choose a top with the hem as close as possible and tie it into the waist of the skirt to create a better upper and lower body ratio. This is the right way to control a long skirt.

· Tops can be more eye-catching than skirts

Moving up the visual center of gravity is also a technique that can be used when wearing a long skirt, so the color of the top can be more eye-catching than the skirt, or the skin can be exposed more, so that others can focus on the upper body.

The more "eye-catching" the color is, the more you have to move your upper body. This is the secret of shifting your focus.

· Simplify accessories as much as possible

The exaggerated accessories of "hanging lights and festoons" are best to be invisible from this outfit, otherwise even Olivia, who will never go wrong, will look lowered. It is better to wear a single-layer necklace, and the effect is better:

We often say that it is enough to keep the only key point of the whole body collocation, so it is best to use the maxi skirt as the key point of this collocation to weaken the sense of existence of all other items.

With these shopping and matching skills, you can avoid even those "thunders" that Victoria has stepped on.

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