The handsome bomber jackets are the trendiest they wear

2022-08-29 06:01

Recently, the Reuters picture of the second season of "Wild Kitchen" was exposed, and Lin Yanjun appeared on a motorcycle to record the scene is too explosive.

Wearing a black bomber jacket with metallic short boots and a cool black motorcycle hat on the head is a real A.

What do you think of the cool and fashionable look of "Locomotive Juvenile Orange"?

Looking at Xiao Orange’s previous look, you will find that he usually wears a bomber jacket with a concave shape. At this moment, have you been planted by Xiao Orange?

The trendy item recommended for everyone today is the bomber jacket. The history of the bomber jacket can be traced back to before World War I. At that time, there was generally no cover above the cockpit of a fighter jet. In order to protect against wind and keep warm, knee-length leather coats became the main clothing of pilots. After the First World War, people discovered the inconvenience of long coats, so they shortened the style and got the bomber jacket.

A-1 bomber jacket

Keywords: Buttons, Knitting

The A-1 jacket, launched in 1927, was the first bomber jacket used by the US military. Its characteristic is that the placket and the pockets on both sides are designed with buttons. In order to prevent strong wind from entering the body, knitted fabrics are used at the hem, neckline and cuffs to make it fit the body well.

The A-1 jacket was once rated as the best bomber jacket by the famous men's magazine THE RAKE.

Many of the current A-1 jackets are made of nylon or suede fabrics, with a variety of materials and colors to make the wearer look more comfortable and decent. Coupled with neat and atmospheric tailoring, it is simply the best choice for business people.

A-2 bomber jacket

Keywords: zipper, lapels, shoulders, internal snaps

After the A-1 jacket was successfully tested, the A-2 jacket was officially launched in 1931. The biggest difference between this jacket and A-1 is that it uses a zipper design instead of a button design. The original knitted stand-up collar is changed to a shirt-style lapel, which is more warm and convenient to wear.

In addition, the A-2 jacket has a shoulder strap on the shoulders, the pockets use internal snaps, and even the inner lining is made of satin material, which makes the person wearing it look more decent and refined. Therefore, in the early days of World War II, A-2 was basically only issued to flying officers.

Today's A-2 jacket also has a classic lapel and shoulder strap design. In addition to business functions, it can be used with overalls and Martin boots to easily create a cool and handsome male image.

G-1 bomber jacket

Keywords: fur collar

Due to the strong need of carrier-based aircraft pilots for warmth, an improved version of the G-1 jacket from A-2 appeared.

Compared with A-2, this jacket has a fur collar, which is suitable for wearing at lower temperature.

In general, the G-1 jacket that takes the cool route can also be used to wear a shirt and vest with a strong sense of business, which is both practical and fashionable.

B-3 bomber jacket

Keywords: fur collar, leather trim, raw edges, diagonal pockets

While the G-1 jacket was in full swing, another classic bomber jacket, the B-3 jacket, came out. This is a "bomber" jacket specially designed for high-altitude flight. The fur collar can be erected when wearing it. Two belts on the collar can tighten the neckline to prevent wind from entering from the neckline.

In addition, the cuffs and hem have flared edges. There is a belt that can adjust the elasticity on the left and right sides of the hem. There is an oblique pocket on the left and right sides of the clothes for warming hands. The sleeves can also be rolled up to adjust the length. All seams of the clothes Also used cowhide strips to strengthen, these designs can be seen to be very warm.

The B-3 jacket is also a jacket that many people like very much nowadays. It can be seen everywhere on the street regardless of men, women, young or old. The good thing about this jacket is that you don't need to worry about matching, it's simple enough to attract the eye.

B-15 bomber jacket

Keywords: fur collar, nylon

Due to the shortage of materials during World War II, leather jackets began to be gradually replaced by nylon materials. The B-15 jacket is a representative of this period.

The B-15 jacket is also a very popular one worn by young people today. It can be said to be a combination of the advantages of lightness, warmth, fashion and other bomber jackets.

Casually matching a T-shirt out of the street can create a cool and handsome male image on the street.

MA-1 bomber jacket

Keywords: nylon, knitting, arm pocket, zipper

Due to the advent of jets, the flight increased to a higher airspace. In 1955, the famous MA-1 flight jacket was born. This jacket is more comfortable and durable, and can adapt to various climate changes. It is made of nylon fabric, woolen collar, and the inner design is mostly eye-catching orange red, which is convenient for the pilot to wear the jacket back and call for help after the plane crashes.

There will be a combination pocket and double-sided zipper on the left arm of the jacket, which can hold more than two pens, which is convenient for the pilot to mark the position on the drawing at any time. Until now, this practical design is still reserved for many flight suits.

The MA-1 jacket is also the favorite of the street hipsters. It has no anti-locking fur collar decoration, and the knitted neckline is convenient for putting on a hooded sweater. Even with a simple T-shirt or shirt, it can easily show the trend of youth. one side.

Listing YOUNG Demonstration

After continuous improvement, the bomber jacket is no longer a single style. The color and fabric have been adjusted, and the design is more in line with current trends, making the wearer more sophisticated and fashionable.

01 Ayunga

At the Dragon TV New Year's Eve rehearsal not long ago, Ayunga appeared on the stage wearing a red jacket and a simple and handsome black sweater.

02 Wu Yifan

Street cool guy Wu Yifan appeared at the airport wearing a flight jacket with a baseball cap. His style can be said to be a standard match for a flight jacket, and it is worth getting.

Wu Yifan appeared in a bomber jacket with a white sweater before. Looking back at his previous look, he can't help but shine.

03 Zhang Yixing

Zhang Yixing wore an orange bomber jacket and black vest and pants. If you want to break the dullness in winter, you can learn from Zhang Yixing to use a bright coat concave shape.

04 Xiao Zhan

Some time ago, Xiao Zhan wore a star jacket, black shirt and trousers, and appeared at the Starlight Awards. The embroidery design on the jacket made Xiao Zhan look gentle and noble.

05 Zhu Yilong

Zhu Yilong, who Yan Gao will wear, can use a simple white T to match it with a refreshing and fashionable sense of luxury, whether it is a jacket coat or a plush cardigan.

06 Wang Linkai

The personality of the teenager Wang Linkai is super A rhythm no matter what she wears. Wearing a bomber jacket, he looks cool and handsome, showing his personality.

Before Wang Linkai wore a purple jacket with a sweater to go out of the street, wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, handsome and cool, full of trendy male qualities.

07 Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo was wearing golden embroidery, white shirt and black bow tie some time ago. He appeared on the stage of Star Awards with the temperament of aristocratic gentleman. He wears super classic jackets. Do you love this look?

08 Li Xian

It can be seen from Li Xian's private clothes street shooting that he is really frugal, jackets, down jackets and other items are often worn for two to three years. But it won't affect his handsome appearance in the slightest, and there is no doubt that the current boyfriend who can hold the family.

Wearing a jacket, Li Xian is exuding hormones all the time. He has a strong fashion expression and looks handsome between his brows and eyes. Such a boyfriend is really cool!

The bomber jacket comes with a sunny and hard taste. For people who are not used to overcoats and windbreakers, it is a very good choice for autumn and winter clothes. The style is stylish, full of Man flavor, and the short design can also have the visual effect of lengthening the legs. After watching the above street shots and styles, have you found your own bomber jacket?

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