The most moat doesn't mean the best gift to give, don’t think the girl will go with you

2022-10-03 06:01

As soon as this is said, the male compatriots should be under psychological pressure again. Now, if you are in a relationship, you can't make a deal without sending a star out, right! In fact, whoever says to give a gift must give the most embarrassing gift. The gift is unique and unconventional is the best way to capture the girl's heart.

So, quickly put away those unrealistic fantasies of Mumeng, throw away those moat and earthy gifts, let's take a look together, if you want to laugh at your girlfriend, what should you give as a gift!

1. The little white shoes are out, and the dirty shoes are the new favorite

To say that the hottest item recently is a pair of dirty shoes for fashionable people. Yes, you heard that right, that is, the dirty shoes that Song Zhongji wore in "Descendants of the Sun". Yang Mi and Tang Yan are also wearing them. But it is not that the small white shoes become dirty when worn, but a young Italian brand Golden Goose Deluxe Brand created by the couple Francesca and Alessandro Gallo.

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