The rich second generation can't wait to wear all the money on their bodies, and the tide second generation has been refined into a fashion collection

2022-09-12 06:01

Supermodel world

Kendall Jenner, with eyes full of legs, appeared at the festival with his new girlfriend Kaia Gerber this time. It is said that this new girlfriend also has a lot of background. As the 15-year-old daughter of the legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford, she is 15 years old! ! The post-95 Kendall Jenner is no longer uncommon, and the post-00 era has come.

At the age of 10, he served as the endorsement model for the Versace family children's clothing advertisement. Interestingly, his mother Cindy Crawford was the spokesperson of the brand in the 90s. At the age of 13, he signed a model agency and officially entered the model industry. This long leg, this face, this temperament can be called Cindy's re-emergence, once again emphasizing the power of genes!

Mother Cindy Crawford can be called the world's most successful supermodel in the 1990s and is recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her photos have been published on the covers of more than 600 magazines around the world. By 1995, she was worth US$6.9 million, and she officially entered the big screen with "Fair Play" that year. In 1998, Cindy Crawford married into a wealthy family and married Rande Gerber, a wealthy businessman. Then came a happy life with one son and one daughter.

In addition to her daughter, the editor is very interested in her little enchanted son Presley Gerber. The beauty mole on the corner of her mouth is exactly the same as her mother. As early as the first appearance, because of the blond, blue eyes and three-dimensional features, he was named the "first beautiful boy". As he entered puberty, his stature began to grow rapidly. At 15 years old, he was already about the same height as the 175 cm supermodel mother, and he began to receive attention from all walks of life. I am now 17 years old and I don't know if I have a girlfriend. . . (Actually, if there is wood, I have no hope... I mean: what if it comes out?)

Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge is an angel model of Victoria's Secret. She is well-known for her performance in Victoria's Secret commercials such as "Love Me" underwear, 2011 spring and summer bridal underwear, and 2010 Christmas holiday underwear. Lily Aldridge has been walking for Victoria's Secret since 2009. Counting that, this is the sixth year she has stood on the stage of Victoria's Secret, and finally put on Victoria's Secret's high-priced underwear last year.

The family background of these sisters is also very good, and there is still a little chaos. . . In the Aldridge family, his mother is a model who often appears in fashion magazines, his father is Alan Aldridge, his father is an illustrator, and the album covers of the Beatles are all made by him. The younger sister is the super popular model Ruby Aldridge; the husband of Lily Aldridge is the lead singer of Kings Of Leon.

Half-brother Miles Aldridge is a well-known fashion photographer in the circle, and was a married couple with supermodel Kristen McMenamy. Therefore, Ruby Aldridge is Lily McMenamy's aunt. The half-sister Saffron Aldridge is also a supermodel and a frequent visitor to Ralph Lauren advertisements, showing how spectacular the fashion genes in the Aldridge family are.

Langley Fox

Don't think that your circle doesn't talk about culture, and the descendants of great writers will scare you to death! Freelance illustrator and model Langley Fox disappeared from the famous surname Ernest Hemingway (Ernest Hemingway), yes, his great-grandfather was the novelist Hemingway in the world of literary circles, leaving "Who Does the Bell Toll" and "The Old Man and the Sea" Wait, there are many novels tortured by junior high school textbooks, but the song you know has nothing to do with him.

In addition, the deceased supermodel Margaux Hemingway is her aunt-Margaux Hemingway smashed the covers of major fashion magazines throughout the 1970s. The circle of friends was iconic figures such as Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones and Andy Warhol. Anyway, it's a very popular supermodel.

Her mother, Mariel Hemingway, is a well-known actor. She entered the show business with her sister Margaux Hemingway in "Lipstick" and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. At the same time, her younger sister is IT Girl supermodel Dree Hemingway, with a prominent family background, excellent dressing taste and a good figure with a height of 175cm, it will be unreasonable if it is not hot!

Gigi Hadid

The post-95 supermodel Gigi Hadid has been on fire recently! She is the hottest supermodel in 2015, the most popular social queen on social networking, and the top 3 on the'most valuable supermodel' list. At the same time, she is also a well-established socialite girl with good taste and good taste. Good popularity!

Her real father is Mohamed Hadid, a wealthy businessman engaged in real estate development. He is one of the most famous and wealthy architects in the world. He has heard that he has participated in the design of the Stallone mansion and a Hilton hotel! His own house was also designed by himself, 50,000 square meters, in Los Angeles! It sounds rich!

Gigi Hadid's mother is the Dutch supermodel Yolanda Foster. Yolanda debuted as a supermodel at the age of 16, and later became known for starring in the hit live-action (Tear X) drama "The Beverly Wife". But then Gigi's parents' marriage broke down, and her mother dragged her 3 baby children to marry the famous American musician David Foster. David also has a great background. He has 16 Grammy trophies and has been nominated for 47 Grammy nominations and 3 Oscar nominations for best original song! Named on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013!

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