Weibo Su Yan Contest teaches you to customize perfect naked skin according to your skin condition

2022-09-19 06:02

In fact, our skin has periodic changes about every 7 years, and this periodic change has a great impact on the skin. As usual year by year, you will not notice any changes in your skin at all, but when you look back at your skin after 7 years or so, you will find that it is very different from the skin of 7 years ago. Therefore, the skin condition of different age groups is very different. If you want to have a perfect makeup, you must also customize an exclusive maintenance plan according to your current skin condition.

1. Young skin:

For girls aged 17-25, the collagen and metabolism in the body are at their peak, and the 28-day physiological cycle of the skin operates normally, so the skin is elastic, smooth and full of moisture, but it is often the secretion of sebum that annoys you. Excessive, on-and-off, or even recurring pimples and pimples spoil the overall image of your skin and make you feel "ugly" or even want to see people.

Skin care focus: oil control and acne removal

At the age of 20, the exuberant sebaceous glands secrete oil on the surface of the skin in an endless stream; and at this age, about 80% of people will have acne to varying degrees, so acne has become a big problem on the face . The focus of skin care should be to control the secretion of oil and remove acne on the face.

Exclusive makeup skin care program

Two-pronged approach to oil control and hydration - choose skin care products that have oil-suppressing and oil-controlling effects to inhibit oil production, and at the same time pay attention to hydrating and moisturizing. If there is a lack of water at the bottom of the muscle, the skin's natural protective barrier, the hydrolipidic film, will have "holes", but instead stimulate the oil glands to secrete more oil to fill the "holes" and make the skin oilier. If you can't replenish water in time, it will make the oily condition intensify, resulting in dryness on the outside and inside. Fine lines, dandruff, swollen blood vessels and even redness, the skin becomes increasingly fragile and sensitive.

Focus on cleaning the T-zone -- the T-zone is the "house" for oil secretion, and almost 80% of the oil on the face comes from the T-zone. Therefore, every time you wash your face, you should focus on washing it to ensure that it is clean every time.

Sun protection is the key point at all times - ultraviolet rays not only make the skin tan and grow spots, but also stimulate the activation of sebaceous glands, resulting in a large amount of oil secretion, so sun protection is particularly important. In the midsummer season, you should take the initiative to avoid the scorching sun from 10 am to 3 pm, and do not do outdoor activities.

Prevent pores from "expanding" - strong oil secretion will inevitably lead to large pores that secrete oil. At this time, you should use some products that clean and shrink pores to keep pores clean, prevent bacterial infection, and prevent pores from becoming larger.

Treat acne as early as possible -- when you find that acne is about to move (red, a little hard, when you have a hunch that it will grow into acne), you can pick up the anti-inflammatory acne medicine or simple anti-acne medicine at hand. For acne care products, take some points and press them on the acne, and reapply once every 1 to 2 hours, there is a great chance to suppress the acne. The reasons for the growth of acne still need to be comprehensively analyzed from various aspects such as diet, work and rest, environment, sebum hair follicles, etc., and find the right medicine for the cause, in order to make the acne disappear forever.

Try to use foundation as little as possible - people who like makeup, you can paint some light makeup, apply eye shadow and lip gloss.

Skin care Tips: At this age, whether it is a face wash or skin care product, it is best to choose a refreshing lotion-like or ㄠ. It is not recommended to use heavy skin care products such as moisturizing and nourishing, so as not to increase the burden on the skin and block the pores.

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