What do you look at in Milan Fashion Week: Why GUCCI is a nightmare for Chinese celebrities

2022-08-08 06:01

In fact, it’s just one word: beauty

GUCCI’s creation this season is inspired by the "Tenderness Map" published in 1954 by French female writer Madeleine Scully. Due to regional and cultural differences, this tenderness map appears to be less tender. After seeing the GUCCI 2016 spring and summer high-end clothing, whether she is a small emotion or a map of her heart, it is enough to look beautiful. This is actually the first spring and summer series brought by the new designer Alessandro Michele after he took office. With the foreshadowing of the previous four seasons, the new GUCCI finally moved from an appetite foreplay to an intensifying climax after the double resignation farce at the end of last year. .

Design attributes of the new GUCCI

This behind-the-scenes designer who has worked at GUCCI for 12 years has an inner understanding of the brand that is much more handy than an externally hired transfer student, so the brand CEO Marco Bizzarri resolutely chose this shy but in fact boring long. Being a male, although it has caused criticism, it turns out that he really took GUCCI to a new era. Faced with the important task of designing menswear for the fall and winter of 2015, Alessandro Michele completed the impossible task in 5 days. It resembled the style of European angry youth and the retro silhouette of the 70s. The gender-inverted book style is different from the previous Tom Ford and Frida Giannini. relation.

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