Patent leather trousers are very fashionable

2022-08-05 18:16

Patent leather pants are more stylish than leather pants. The material looks a bit like plastic. It looks crisp and cool, but it is actually very soft and does not affect comfort at all.

Its elasticity is not as great as leather pants, so it will not be tightened to show thick legs. You can see the comparison to know.

Patent leather pants have a trend of resurgence this year. A lot of people were wearing them in the street shootings of Fashion Week just past, and it is fashionable to wear high heels. So what ELLE is going to tell you today is how to make patent leather pants fashionable.

Patent leather pants × sweater

ELLE told everyone before that the sweater with trousers is very easy to wear and fashionable. The principle is that one is tough, the other is soft, and complements each other. The same is true for the patent leather pants that I want to talk about today.

Patent leather pants are visually more textured and look very hard and stylish. Pairing with sweaters is soft and strong, and the mother-man combination, the feeling of contrast and collision is the fashion itself.

Not only the contrast in shape, the material of patent leather pants is reflective, the surface is very smooth, the texture of the sweater is furry, and the contrast in the material is also very strong.

When I want to be cool when I wear it, I choose a sweater with letters into patent leather pants and a pair of high-heeled boots.

If you want to be young and energetic, you can wear it with a pair of sneakers to make the whole style softer and more practical.

This year's popular white short boots, with black patent leather pants, the contrast effect is also very good, suitable for the upper body to wear a bright sweater.

Patent leather pants × sweater

The material of patent leather is rusty and eye-catching, which is actually very suitable for street sports style. If you don't like the cool route, you might as well pick a sweater and wear it with it.

This combination is just right for old daddy shoes. Pick a nine-length patent leather pants with a little fleshy ankle, which not only shows the thin legs, but also highlights the fashionable old daddy shoes.

Girls with a plump upper body can use an Oversize sweater to cover the patent leather pants like this, and wear a pair of short boots to avoid being top-heavy.

If you want to be trendy and eye-catching, you might as well choose white short boots and black patent leather pants.

If the sweater chooses this high-waisted style, the proportion of the lower body is optimized, and the spirit of the whole person is up.

Wearing a sweater alone will get cold in the winter. At this time, put a coat on the outside to ensure warmth and make the coat look immobile.

Patent leather pants × suit

With patent leather pants so rusty, how can you not try a suit? We all know that the key to making a suit fashionable is to make it look non-rigid. Patent leather pants can be completely satisfied.

Even if it is a black suit and black patent leather pants, it will not look too serious at all. Wearing a white T-shirt like Song Qian inside and lighting up the whole body with gorgeous earrings is super fashionable.

Or like this, pick a pair of white cowboy boots that are very popular this year, one black and one white in contrast, and then put on a sweater to increase the street feel.

The fashionable plaid suits of the past two years can also look good with patent leather pants. If it is too monotonous, add a wide brimmed hat to decorate it.

Don't want the color of the whole shape to be too deep, try to choose light-colored patent leather pants with a gray plaid suit. The shape is rich and looks very clean.

Patent leather pants × sports jacket

Sports jackets are the same as sweaters. When paired with patent leather pants, they are very cool and street-like. The key point for these two items to look good is that the jacket should not be worn well.

You can choose a more sexy style for the inner wear. The coat zipper is pulled under the chest to increase the sense of casualness. Then wear patent leather pants and short boots. The overall shape is very simple but the mix and match feel is very good.

Or put on a long T-shirt with a print directly inside, and the jacket is deliberately hung on the shoulders and worn in a semi-shoulder fashion.

More concave people can also choose to wear a thick black belt to concave the sports jacket into a short top. This style of dressing is very suitable for girls with beautiful legs.

You can simply put on a sports jacket, but you need to use your brain for the lower body. You can wrap the patent leather trousers with socks and boots like this, lift the whole person up, and add a handsome hat to do the finishing touch.

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