Zhao Wei's tragic change of auntie's big name is dressed as a stall

2023-01-02 06:01

Director Zhao really didn't have Hold of this Ji's clothes. The dragged trousers, bloated lines, and complicated collocation perfectly interpret the aunt's style. Too many slots, sloppy to a certain level. Just as a netizen complained about these bizarre sandals, it's a shame not to wear socks.

Zhao Wei wore Saint Laurent 2013 spring and summer new styles to attend the 2013 China Jiaozi Youth Leaders Award Ceremony. Her whole body was whole black, which really had the effect of disguising her sturdy figure; the black dress lace + leather + chiffon design was lively and lovely, but it didn't feel monotonous.

Recently, it is obvious that Dao Zhao is fat. It seems that he has to work hard in filming and he can only focus on food. Simple black ghost print sweater with leopard-print vans shoes, the front and back hug like a female boss, the plain black robe and gray leggings are changed to Japanese Mori girl style. A handful of age is a bit nondescript.

At the Shanghai premiere of her debut work "To Youth", Zhao Wei dragged director Fan Er in sunglasses and leather outfit. The locomotive long leather jacket appeared, white T leather pants as the base, black super concealed face, just like the female version of Wang Jiawei. Zhao Wei, who was not ashamed by PS, was immediately beaten back to her original form. What is more conspicuous than Ku Fan are the two sad elephant legs.

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