The season has changed. Would you like one of the pumpkin colors that Reba and Qi Wei love to use in autumn?

2022-10-24 06:02

To say that the most frequent use of pumpkin color can be traced back to HyunA, who "read the website information to know that she was terminated". HyunA's pumpkin color play is a bit big, no matter what shape the pumpkin color eye shadow is not afraid of!

This year's hot color is the pumpkin color won by Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. It doesn't look as obtrusive as maple leaf red. Even girls with swollen eyes can use it. If you match it with maple leaf color lipstick like Qi Wei, European and American makeup Well done, but the eye makeup still looks soft.

There is also Guan Xiaotong, who has just passed her 21st birthday. To say that this girl is really transformed and has more temperament. There was always a problem of being complained about not being mainstream, but now the clothes and makeup are on the right track, such as the pumpkin I use now. Color eye shadow and lipstick of the same color will give people a feeling of no attack, and it will also set off fair skin!

The big-eyed beauty Reba has the strength to interpret the pearlescent pumpkin color. When choosing a blingbling color, remember to have dark eye shadows to set off each other. Otherwise, if you apply a single color, it will look swollen like a peach. Reba uses it at the end of the lower eye. The resulting deep berry color can effectively make the eyes enlarge and have a sense of depth.

It seems that the autumn of 2018 will be completely surrounded by pumpkin color. If you don't have one of the most popular pumpkin color eye shadow palettes, you should OUT. Here are 8 high reputation pumpkin color eye shadow palettes for you. You catch the early autumn trend.

8 Pumpkin Eyeshadow Palettes to Pick from

Lottie London Eyeshadow Palette

Netizen Luming_Recommended reason: Lottie London is a niche brand, but the eyeshadow palette is really super cost-effective, the color is really super beautiful, the powder is very good, the 12-color eyeshadow palette, every color can be used Yes, there are matte and pearlescent ones. The powder is delicate, and the matte finish is simply gentle and unnecessary. The pearlescent color is not cheap at all, and it will never shine like the pearlescent color on some plates.

ZOEVA Eyeshadow Palette

A pumpkin-colored eyeshadow palette with 6 colors of pearl and matte in one, the texture is more delicate and does not fly powder, it is very colorful when applied on the eyelids. If you have oily eyelids, you can use an eye concealer as a primer, and then you can make the eyes look better. Makeup lasts longer.

VENUES MARBLE 12-Color Marble Eyeshadow Palette

The color matching is super beautiful (6 matte and 6 pearlescent) and each color is very practical, the powder is also very delicate and smooth, and the taste is super good smelling chocolate! The color rendering is super super! Universal disc! very suitable for student parties! !

Winter pumpkin makeup: use color A as the base, use color B to superimpose a small amount of times over a large area, use color C to deepen the layering, don't forget the back third of the lower eyelid, use D to brighten the lying silkworm, and finally use color E to point The bright center of the eyeball is more suitable for stacking in the center of the eyeball than D color E.

UrbanDecay Heat Pumpkin Eyeshadow Palette

The silty is very delicate, it will not fly powder, and it will not be too strong in color. It is more suitable for Asians. There are flash pink, matte color, brightening highlight color, and eyeliner color.

NYX16 color eye shadow

The eyeshadow palette with pearlescent and matte coexistence, 7 pearlescent, 9 matte, including the most daily earth color and the most in wine red in autumn and winter, as well as the very popular pumpkin orange, maple red, if it is powdery, it is quite delicate , The coloring and color rendering are very friendly, and there is no flying powder! The novice fairies, bursting recommendation, will not feel distressed at all!

Zhiyouquan Sweetheart Yang Cai 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette Color No. 02

This full matte eyeshadow palette is guaranteed to be unobtrusive! ! Girls who prefer matte eye shadows should not miss it, the color is really beautiful and greasy! It has two colors: one is peach color, the other is pumpkin color, the eye shadow is very pigmented, the powder is fine and not powdery, even if it is a single color, it looks good with a light touch. An eye disc!

CPB four-color eye shadow 316

It's a very warm color, and it's quite suitable for warm skin. The eye shadow powder is super fine, the color is good, and the upper eye effect is slightly matte and not very flashy. The shell has to be bought separately, although the appearance is high, but it is still a little expensive to add.


Can be used alone, everyday, sweet, or for a mixed-race look.

Not sure about changing eyeshadows as the seasons change?

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