MissTu selects skin care soaps to look, smell, ask, and all are indispensable

2022-06-21 11:10

So, how to choose a suitable soap? Today, MissTu will share with you the tricks she uses to

Hope: Packaging and Colors

When you get a soap, the packaging is the most intuitive gift. Therefore, some soaps make the packaging very foreign, and the trademarks are all in English, which looks high-end and gives a good first impression. However, at this time, you must not make an appearance at the association. On the contrary, you should carefully check whether the manufacturer and factory address are marked on the packaging. If not, even if the salesman says that it is fake and shoddy.

If the packaging and logo are OK, then the next step is to look at the colors. Soaps are best in natural solid colors, such as white, milky white, or pearl, and if they are pale, khaki, etc., that give a rough look, they are regarded as inferior products. Now there are some soaps that look particularly white, but they are actually abnormally white because of the addition of fluorescent whitening agents or titanium dioxide, which needs to be distinguished. In addition, many celebrities are leading a trend of handmade soaps, but colorful handmade soaps still need to be carefully selected to prevent them from containing artificial colors and damaging the skin.

smell: smell

The reason why soap is called soap is not unrelated to its taste. However, this does not mean that the more fragrant the soap, the better. On the contrary, the taste of the soap should be light and soft, just like its color, which belongs to the natural range. Generally speaking, it is normal to add a few natural fragrances to soaps, and these fragrances will fade with time. And if artificial flavors and fixatives are added to the product, its rich and tangy fragrance will always exist. The most terrifying thing here is that the main ingredient of some flavors is methyl phthalate (a plasticizer), which will It affects the normal secretion of human hormones and reproductive ability, so be sure to stay away. It is worth mentioning that natural plant-based soaps such as Tai Chi Nano Loess Soap under Miss Tu will have a faint ginseng smell, which cannot be achieved by essence ingredients.

Q: ph value

The pH value determines whether the soap is for skin care or damage. Normally, skin is weakly acidic, but this does not prevent most brands from using sodium fatty acid and its derivatives as raw materials. Sodium fatty acid has a certain alkalinity and a high pH value. If it acts on the skin, especially the highly allergic skin, it will cause discomfort, and even cause excessive cleaning and drying of the skin. Therefore, the soap should be chosen from the plant's weak acid and weak alkaline soap. The pH value is low, the human skin can accept it, and the various nutrients and vitamins in the plant are an important force to care for the skin.

What needs to be emphasized here is that the weak alkali plant soap has strong decontamination ability, and the skin feels tight after use, but it will not damage the skin. Basically, within 15 to 30 minutes, the pH value of the skin surface will return to normal. Of course, if you have thick sebum, you must choose a mildly acidic soap because it is the best choice for exfoliating.

cut: hardness

The softness and hardness of the soap also indicate the quality of the soap, but it is generally difficult to judge this when buying soap. So now I will teach you a small method, that is to see the carvings. Usually, the better the carving, the greater the hardness, and 80% of these contain hardener, which is more durable in name, but it is actually harmful; on the contrary, the printing and lines on the soap are a little fuzzy, which means the hardness is small, and this soap is mostly pure. It is composed of natural plant ingredients, mild, non-irritating, and has a fine foam, which is very refreshing after use.

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